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Guidelines for the management of candidiasis – Dr Ajay Kantharia

16 Jul


Author: Dr. Ajay Kantharia, M. D., Physician – Cardiologist & Critical Care Physician

About: Dr. Ajay H. Kantharia has an active practise since last 22 years. & has treated thousands of critically ill (cardiac, respiratory, abdominal & neurological) patients.He is the pioneer in starting Cardiac Ambulance Service in Mumbai, the success of which is seen by the number of cardiac ambulances mushrooming in the city of Mumbai today. This fully equipped ambulance service is available to anyone, at any time & to go anywhere-to any hospital/destination of his/her/your choice. He has a website from www.websitesfordoctors.in

Phone no: 020-22843454, 020- 22843455, +919820036165

Website: www.ajaykantharia.com


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