Why Test Bottled Water?

9 Feb

Why Test Bottled Water?

Water is a valuable resource. Potable water is precious and a rare resource today. In today’s growing economy drinking water shortage is one of the major problem faced by all.

All Corporates are forced to resort to 2 options

1) Filter the BMC / Tanker Water

2) Use bottled water.

Filtration of water can be very tricky if the source of water keeps changing. Some times the water available in from Government, sometimes we have to use Tanker Water. This option although cost effective, is harder to implement.

So most Corporates prefer the second option – Bottled Water.

Bottled Water is normally potable depending on the Manufacturer. The International brands like Aquafina, use the best technology available to ensure that every drop they supply is pure. Then there are local brands where the quality standards may be lower.

But the major problem is not the quality of the Water supplied, it is the use of the Dispenser, which is used to Dispense the bottled water. These dispensers are normally provided free by the Bottled Water Vendor. These are the main source of contamination. These are very rarely cleaned and are very difficult to clean. These are the breeding ground for bacteria.

These Dispensers provide the ideal condition for Bacterial growth.

1) Temperature
In the Tropics the Room temperature is the ideal Temperature for Growth

2) Moisture
The water provides a suitable medium for the growth of most microorganisms.

3) Time
There is plenty of time available for Bacterial Growth

Many users of these Dispensers touch the tip of the dispensing nozzle with their fingers. This results in cross contamination.

Equinox Labs has compiled results from 100 Dispensers from different locations using different brands of bottled water. Here are the conclusions:

1)    More than 60% of Water Collected from these dispensers was not potable.

2)    The Contaminated samples showed no direct co-relation to the Brand of Water used.

3)    The Non Contaminated samples had a direct corelation with Regular Testing and Regular Effective Cleaning to the Dispensers.

In conclusion:

1)    Locations where Quality of Bottled Water is monitored regularly have a safer drinking water.

Date: 9th February 2011

Author: Ashwin Bhadri, Head – Business Relations at Equinox Labs

About: Equinox Labs was started with a vision to fulfill the need of a State-of–the-art Laboratory providing professional, expert and accurate services in the field of analysis of food, water, air, hygiene, rock, soil, metal, oil, etc. The equinox team boasts of qualified professionals in various fields who aim at maintaining a solution based approach to all kinds of analysis.

Today Equinox Labs is a pioneer in Food Safety Monitoring and Compliance. Equinox caters to a wide range of Clients, including BPOs’, MNCs’, Food Caterers, Bakeries, and many more.

Contact: http://www.equinoxlab.com

In case you need more information about Testing Bottled Water, please contact Equinox Labs at +91-22-24220999 or email at info@equinoxlab.com


2 Responses to “Why Test Bottled Water?”

  1. Mahesh Kamat February 10, 2011 at 6:06 am #

    Excellent Article. Very Insightful. Have worked with Equinox in the past. Very Helpful Team.


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