Facebook for Medical Practices and Doctors

12 Jan

Facebook has seen unprecedented growth in the last 4 years. From a small community site, specific to colleges, it has overtaken Google to become the favored haunt of the webophile. One of the reasons for this has been the number of applications that are built on Facebook, but a bigger reason is that because “Everyone is On Facebook”. Lets face it, if you want to know what someone did last Sunday, or last month, Facebook is a bigger help than any friend that you have. Coming to the point, the last year has seen a serious growth in the number of doctors creating Facebook profiles.

Now I’ve spent a considerable amount of time helping doctors embrace technology for different reasons. Some want technology to help manage their clinic, some to help manage patients also, some simply want to use it to connect to friends and family far away while some other want to use it to see if it can help them learn more. Facebook is a brilliant technology for just keeping in touch, and to make regular announcements. Not too regular mind you.

The presentation below delves into the Why’s and How To’s of setting up a Facebook Page for a Medical Practice. It also provides some examples and contains a video showcasing samples of very effective techniques.

This post is written by Nrip Nihalani, CEO at Plus91 and is taken from his personal blog.


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