Common Eye Problems!

1 Dec

Date: 30thNovember 2010

Author: Dr. Kaushik Shah

About: Eye Surgeon, Ashwini Eye Care Clinic

Eyesight is one of the most precious gifts that nature has given to mankind. It’s only because of the eyes; one can enjoy the beauty of this world. It’s impossible to imagine life without sight. Though a very small part of body, eye is one of the most complex human organs. It has various parts, all of which are responsible for normal vision. Smallest structural or functional alteration in the functioning of an eye can cause tremendous visual disturbances.

Refractive error or need of glasses is one of the most common eye problems. It can start at any age. This is due to alteration in length, shape & / or capacity of eyes. There are various types of refractive errors which can be checked by an expert eye specialist & accordingly glasses can be used to improve clarity of vision. Other option for glasses is Contact Lenses. Glasses can be removed completely by a LASER procedure called LASIK after the age of 18 years once the power of eye is stabilized. LASIK is a very safe procedure with high grade accuracy, least possible side effects & excellent results. As refractive error can arise at any age, one eye check up by an eye specialist is must for each & every child at the age of 5 years irrespective whether he is having eye problems or not.

Glasses can be removed by LASER procedure called LASIK after the age of 18

Cataract is another most common eye problem which is nothing but clouding of natural human lens. It’s not a disease but normal aging process. Hence it’s seen in old age commonly though it can occur at any age because of various reasons & can be there by birth also. Cataract affects quality of vision to a great extent. The only treatment for this is surgery. Cataract can’t be cured by glasses or medicines. Due to advances in technology, the entire surgery can be done through a very small 2.8 mm incision & high quality artificial lens is implanted in the eye. Its day care procedure, no hospitalization is required & patient can go home immediately after surgery.

Cataract has to be removed by advanced cataract surgery (Phacoemulsification) & replaced by modern intra-ocular lens

Squint or crossed eye is again a very common eye problem. It also can occur at any age & can be treated by glasses, exercises or surgery. Any person or child with squint has to be examined by expert squint specialist as early as possible irrespective of the age of the affected because if not treated in time, it can have severe impact on vision of the affected. Children with squint need special attention by squint specialist.

Squint corrected by surgery

Glaucoma, which is also called as silent thief of eyesight, occurs due to damage of the Optic Nerve. Raised pressure inside the eye is one of the main risk factors for this. This is also seen in old age & if not diagnosed & treated in time can cause gradual & permanent loss of vision. Treatment modalities include eye drops, LASER & surgery.

Though very small part of human body, eye is very important & delicate organ. Most of the diseases affecting eyes can have impact on the vision & hence any symptom of eye problem should be taken seriously & immediately eye check up by an expert eye specialist should be done to avoid vision threatening problems in future.

Dr. Kaushik Shah, Ashwini Eye Care Clinc, Baner


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