HERO – Helpline for Emergency Response Operations

8 Oct

Date: 08th October 2010

Nobody expects a health emergency. A heart attack, an accident, an infection that turns deadly.


In a crisis, as those precious seconds slip away, knowing where the nearest vacant ICU bed is or how many blood bottles of the required type the nearest blood banks have can mean the difference between life and death.

However no service that provides such crucial real time information exists  in India – information that would be invaluable during natural disasters, terrorist attacks and public health epidemics.


Mumbai needs a centralized automated network geared to provide real-time, updated information regarding the availability of  ICU beds and blood bottles of the required type in the ICUs and blood banks  of the city;

24 hours a day, 7 days a week through phone, sms and a website.

Mumbai needs a HERO—Helpline for Emergency Response Operations.


For the people who have lost loved ones trying to find a hospital bed, or enough blood to live, and for those facing emergencies every day…We want you to be a HERO.

NGO ARMMAN along with our partners SNEHA, Municipal Corporation of Mumbai, technology partners Inscripts Ltd and Plus91 Technologies (our hospital counter software provider) will conduct a eight month pilot of project HERO in Sion Hospital starting in January 2011 and on successful implementation of the same will spread to all the ICUs and blood banks of the city.


But to get this ambitious pilot project off the ground, we need your support.

Every 10 dollars (Rs 500) you donate will help 4 patients requiring an ICU admission or 12 patients requiring blood in an emergency.

Reach Out. Make a Difference. Be a HERO.

To learn more and find out how you can help, please visit us at http://beahero.armman.org.

To donate, please visit: http://beahero.armman.org/donate.

Every rupee (dollar) counts!!!

To learn more about ARMMAN, please visit www.armman.org.

Help us help our city!!!!



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