4 Aug

Date: 4th August 2010

Author: Dr. Kaushik Shah

About: Eye Surgeon, Ashwini Eye Care Clinic

Eyesight is one of the most precious gifts that nature has given to mankind. It’s only because of the eyes; one can enjoy the beauty of this world. It’s impossible to imagine life without eyesight.

Though a very small part of body, eye is one of the most complex human organs. It has various parts out of which cornea, lens & retina are the structures mainly responsible for normal vision. Human lens is a transparent structure like a transparent glass which focuses light rays coming from different objects on retina. This is the mechanism of normal vision.

Cataract is a condition in which transparent human lens becomes cloudy like a milky glass. This happens due to normal aging process. Though cataract is seen in old age, it can also occur in young age due to trauma. Rarely it’s seen in children either by birth or during childhood & may or may not be associated with other systemic diseases.

Cataract affects normal vision to a great extent depending upon its grade. All parameters of vision like clarity, colour perception, depth perception, sharpness, contrast are affected badly. This in turn causes lot of disturbances in day to day life of an individual. The only treatment available for this condition is surgery. It can’t be cured by medicines or glasses or any other therapy.

Cataract surgery is most commonly performed surgery all over the world. It has undergone drastic revolutions in last 10-15 years. At present surgery is done by most advanced technique called Phacoemulsification by using a machine (Phaco Machine) through a small 2.8 mm incision. Cataractous lens material is removed with the machine & replaced by artificial high quality foldable Intra Ocular Lens (IOL).Surgery takes hardly half an hour & patient can go home immediately after surgery. No hospitalisation is required. Patient can resume office work after 5 days.

In terms of availability of most modern equipments & advanced surgical techniques, Indian surgeons are at par with Western World. Thanks to advances in Indian Ophthalmology, because of which cataract is no longer a doom for human vision.

Ashwini Eye Care Clinic located at Baner is the centre where this advanced Cataract Surgery is done on routine basis by Dr. Kaushik Shah who is well experienced in this type of surgery. This clinic is well equipped with all the infrastructure & equipments required for modern cataract surgery & provides high quality Cataract & Squint Surgeries on day care basis at affordable rates. All the facilities required for diagnosis & treatment of all the eye diseases are available under one roof including state of the art Operation Theatre & Glass Counter. This centre has become a great help for the patients with eye problems in & around Baner.


Change in vision due to cataract

Cataract removal by most advanced technique – Phacoemulsification

Cataract replaced by artificial lens


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  1. dr salim August 25, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    nice to read article.

    will call you


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